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“Iʼll show you how easy it is to make every meal good for body and soul …
bursting with taste, health and style!”

Barb Scala is a self-acclaimed “foodie,” special events planner, certified master gardener, and author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life.

Barb began entertaining crowds even before she had her own kitchen and uses seasonal, artisanal and local ingredients often grown in her Connecticut garden. Once a stressed-out attorney, Barb reinvented herself and began coaching and producing inspirational events on living healthy-balanced lives which led to spots on WTNH’s Connecticut Style and WFSB’s Better Connecticut.

Barb has been a featured speaker at conferences such as the Business Women’s Forum and the Connecticut Women’s Health Conference, and was highlighted in Ink Magazine. She lives on the CT Shoreline.

My Philosophy on Food
With so many supposed “healthy” ways to eat – organic, raw, gluten free, vegan – no wonder it’s confusing!  My focus takes the fear out of eating and puts it on foods good for both body and soul, developing a conscious awareness to be in balance with our well-being on all levels.

How food is made and where it comes from is essential to a healthy and balanced body and soul. Food is not merely fuel for the body or selected on taste and presentation alone, but is prepared with a deeper sense of being in tune with nature and our own true essence.  In the pantry are plenty of seasonal and garden grown fruits and vegetables, artisan grains, nuts and legumes, farm fresh dairy and meats, wild and local fish, along with herbs, spices and natural ingredients. At the forefront of feeding our bodies and souls,  are sustainable practices and compassion for the food the planet supplies.

The more we eat delicious and flavorful foods good for our bodies, minds and spirit and good for the earth, the more we feel satisfied, healthy and balanced from the inside out.

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