No-Bake Chia Seed Pumpkin Pudding


It’s challenging to make a dessert in an hour for a cooking class which is just what we did for Feeding Your Soul which met last week for the first time. I love sweets (actually not-so-sweet-sweets) and this recipe fit the bill perfectly, found online at

Ok, so we cheated and Paula made the pudding the night before to let it set. But we did make a fresh batch just to see how easy this recipe is.  Chia seeds actually plump up when soaked in liquid and there’s no baking involved! We topped off the pudding with unsweetened flaked coconut and served it in individual ramekins.  Cooks and non-cooks alike will love to make this dessert and everyone will love to eat it. And with coconut or any non-dairy milk,  it’s also vegan. So yum and creamy!


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